Cellio Monte San Grato

Cellio Monte San Grato


Departure (m): 607

Arrival (m): 914

Difference in altitude (m): 307

Time required: 1,30 hours


Signpost: n. 746

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

The itinerary starts from the church of S. Matteo di Carega where you take a narrow asphalt road climbing up. Continue through the inhabited area on the almost level road. At the fork with two fountains, take the path on the right and climb up to the carriage road where the aqueduct tank is. After a short while keep right on the Casaccia road, towards the small church and, once you reach the houses, follow the muletrack on the right to up to the stone bridge. From here, a steep path along bends connects to Agarla. Cross the square, enter the village and pass the oratory of Saints Lorenzo and Apollina. Make for a dirt road that, to the left, leads beyond the bends to the carriage road to be followed past the church of S. Rocco. The carriage road leads near the Saddle of S. Bernardo, where itinerary 747 starts. Turn left before the church and take the dirt road that goes round the mount of Tre Croci di Breia. Continue along the same dirt track and head for the top of Monte S. Grato where the church stands.