Campertogno - Punta Ciciozza



Departure (m): 833

Arrival (m): 2523

Difference in altitude (m): 1690

Time required: 5 hours

Difficult: medium - difficult

Signpost: n. 278

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

From the hamlet Tetti, beyond the stone bridge in the center of the village, it leaves the trail that goes up to the Chapel of Callone, picturesque church perched, already clearly visible from below, to reach, through a shaded forest of beeches, Alpe Argnaccia. From here you go for large grazing lands, passing several pastures, until you reach the gap that inserts on the path on the side of Artogna Valley. Crossing the hillside below the Punta Vasnera you first arrive at Vasneras pasture and then to the alp, from where it leaves on the  left the steep and winding track that goes up to the valley on the north side of Sivella. From here you can enjoy a good view of the valleys of Rassa, Val Artogna and Monte Rosa. The return is by the same route.
You can go down also through a circular route, recommended for most trained, pass through Alpe Campo in Valle Artogna. Descend along the valley, remaining at the beginning on the left side of  the ravine, marked by cairns, up to the ridge that leads directly to the pastures. From flat of Alpe Campo, through an easy path, visiting the many pastures of the Artogna Valley, You return in Campertogno.