Campertogno - Argnaccia ( field mountain )

Argnaccia ( field mountain )


Departure (m): 827

Arrival (m): 1183

Difference in altitude (m): 356

Time required: 1 hour

Difficult: easy

Signpost: n. 278 (ex 78)

Outings on foot

Period advised: all year

You leave from the Tetti Village apart of Campertogno, from the centre of town, cross the bridge over the Sesia river. After having passed this hidden and quaint village, you will reach a morainic plateau lined with low walls, fields and a few gardens, thus coming across the first of several small chapels you will find along this trail. The mule path, now having a bridge, crosses over a brook and after a short bit, you will come upon the Oratory of the Madonna degli Angeli . Following along, you will find on the right, the trail leading to the Artogna Valley . Keeping to the left, you will reach a second brook, that in order to get by, you will have to use large stones. The trail, constantly lined with small chapels, continues on the right of the small stream until you come across the small, old church of the Madonna del Callone (mt. 1092). Every year, on August 15 th , as tradition has it, there is a procession dedicated to the Madonna, for those from the village who are able to reach this spot. Beyond the sanctuary, you will enter a woods full of beech-wood trees, and at the end of this, you will finally reach the large Argnaccia shelf. Once this was inhabited all year long, now many of the baite (refuges), apart of the alpeggio (pasture), have been restored and are used during the summer months. The extensive fields and wooden tables scattered here and there are ideal for relaxing, getting some sun, enjoying the view, and having a picnic.