Borgosesia – Castello di Gavala

Borgosesia – Castello di Gavala


Departure (m): 371

Arrival (m):1827

Difference in altitude (m): 1456

Time required: 5 hours


Signpost:n. 715

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Refreshment area: Rifugio L. Gilodi – Cà Mea

From Isolella, follow the Foresto communal road up to the first bend near the school. Make for the broad muletrack that climbs up on the right and crosses the carriage road near a small bridge. Keep walking till you cross the road twice. You will reach Foresto once you pass an oratory. Enter the village and follow the indications to reach the area above the hamlet of Costa. Walking beyond two farmsteads on the left and through the woods, you will reach the road of Tovo mount. The path crosses it various times even when trying to avoid it and it continues along a muletrack-firebreak that leads to the fountain of the Alpini. The road starts climbing up to the Alpe Bonde pinewood and continues along steep bends until reaching Alpe Stanvone. Follow the dirt road to reach Rifugio L. Gilodi (Cà Meja). From behind the refuge, the path turns right to then enter the woods. The dirt road connects to Sella della Rosetta on a grassy area. Climb along a steep narrow canyon to reach the mountainside of Postua, go around the subpeak following a ripid slanting tract that requires special attention and, past a small saddle, reach the summit of Monte Luvot. Walk down the ridge until the Terraggiolo peak under the crest to reach the ridge near Sella della Balma. Continue along the ridge until the first stones of the Gavala. Avoiding the tracks climbing up the grassy canyons of the Postua face, turn right and walk along the Locarno face on a slanting section, follow the ridge towards the peak and, past a small canyon, reach a saddle. From here an exposed stretch leads to the main peak.