Biking among the rice fields - Vercelli – Asigliano – Prarolo – Vercelli

Route N. 2

Tipologia Biking among the rice fields

Departure: Vercelli

Arrival: Vercelli

Length: 30 km

Time required: 1h30m

Period advised: spring and autumn

Difficulty: easy

Itinerary:From the Vercelli train station: take the bike path in Viale Garibaldi until the end, turn right in Piazza Mazzucchelli and continue on in Corso Prestinari until the train crossing; on the other side, turn left and go along for about 300 mt.; take the first unsurfaced road on the right. Continue in Via Galimberti, then in Via Gramsci and at the crossroads turn in Via Leocavallo and later in Via Paisiello. In front of the football field there is a farmstead; turn left and continue on for about 500 mt. until the ring road heading south (pay attention). Go across and continue on the unsurfaced road. After 400 mt. you will come to a barrier. Go around it and continue on for another 300 mt. When you get to a bridge, do not cross it. Turn right and take the road that it not a road, but really a bank of the rice fields which coasts along an irrigation ditch. After 300 mt. you will come to a road. Take this and follow on until a small bridge. Then turn left and go around the Cascina "Varola”. Continue on the large unsurfaced avenue for about 1 Km, until you reach Larizzate. On the asphalt turn right towards Lignana and after about 1 Km yield to the left for a steep rise which will allow you to pass over the link road to the Stroppiana-Santhià motorway. The other side will take you through a typical area called the "il Fontanone” (spring canal). When you get to the end, turn left and after just a few pedals, you will come to the main road heading to Pontestura. At this point, you will need to pay close attention because this road has heavy traffic. Follow along towards the left, but after about 100 mt. or so, turn right (watch out for the cars) and take a look at the countryside. Now follow the unsurfaced road to Cascina Nuova: pass the entrance, continue and after the vegetable garden turn right. Take the second road on the left. You will come across a little building on the left (which once housed a pump) and ahead on your right the "Malfiosso” agricultural company which has been completely transformed with many kilns and an imposing prefabricated fence. Continue, leaving the Molinara irrigation ditch on your right, until Asigliano Head in the direction of Pertengo for 700 mt, then turn left in Via Monte Grappa. Along the way you will come to the "la Pastore" rice mill, where it is possible to experience the transformation of rice. Follow along and cross the bypass road. Follow the indications for "Lago Ripalta" (Lake Ripalta), just a few minutes away after the train crossing with the crossing keeper's box (31+255), turn left, follow the Vercelli-Casale train line for about 300 mt. and turn right at the large bend. The lake, an unusual sight for these parts, is private but if the owners are present it is worth going along the perimeter road; watch out for mud. Go back to the train crossing with the crossing box (31+255) and continue on for about 100 mt, leaving the train rails on the right. Take the road that heads to the left and follow it until you see the motorway on your left. Take the overpass and turn left. Now the road descends and goes between two farmsteads, the "Dosso" on the right and the "Rossa" on the left. Continue on for about 500 mt. until the intersection with the Asigliano-Pezzana asphalted road. Cross it and head in the direction of the "Grandi" and "S. Bernardo" farmsteads, where the main road, well maintained and partially asphalted, after about 1.6 Km meets the road for Vercelli-Casale. Cross it and head for Prarolo, which you will come to after about 1 Km and after passing a flyover. Enter the town, go to the Piazza and take the road for Pizzarosto (for those wanting to finish, you may head to Vercelli at this point). Follow the indications for Pizzarosto. Go along Via Palestro for 2.5 Km and pass the splendid "Colombina" and "Trebbie" farmsteads. At the crossroads with the raised unsurfaced road, turn left and go on for about 1 Km until a fork in the road where you will need to turn right towards the Sesia and poplar groves. Continue on for 100 mt, turn left and continue for 2.5 Km, until coming to the connecting road of the motorway. This stretch follows along the river, which can be reached by the side roads and where you may enjoy one of the many panoramic views. Go to the other side of the motorway and you will reach the provincial road. Take it and head in the direction of Vercelli. Pass through the village of Cappuccini and continue on the same road until you reach the curve heading to the left. Arrive at the main road and take the bike path. Continue until the roundabout and then go on in the same direction towards Piazza Solferino. Once there, turn right in Corso Palestro, along which, under the shade of the tress, turns into a bike path about 1 Km long. Pass Corso Italia, Piazza del Duomo and Corso De Gasperi. You will then arrive in Piazza Roma, the starting point.