Biking among the rice fields - the Rice Fields and the River

Itinerary N. 4

Tipologia Bicycle Touring

Departure: Vercelli

Arrival: Vercelli

Length: 33 km

Time required: 2h

Period advised: spring and autumn

Difficulty: easy

Itinerary:Start in Piazza Roma. Follow the bike path along Corso De Gasperi (on the edge of Kennedy Park (parco)) to the Piazza Duomo and Corso Italia until reaching Piazza Cugnolio. Then follow the path along Corso Palestro until Piazza Solferino. Go around the roundabout, follow to the left into Corso De Rege and follow until Corso Casale, where you will find a wide bike path. At the end of this, go beyond the irrigation ditch (Roggia Lamporo) and turn left into Via Carrozzino. Follow along this road until passing the Cappuccini neighbourhood and the road turns into the B road for Prarolo. About 2 km from the built-up area, near the flyover for the motorway, take the dirt road on the left which passes underneath the motorway and leads to the Sesia River. After about 2.5 km from the start of the dirt road, at the Cascina Tirolo (farmstead), turn right and after 100 mt follow the road to the left. After 1 km, at the crossroads with an asphalt road, follow to the left towards Pizzarrosto. Along the way, it is possible to go down to the Chiusa di Palestro(lock) and view on the opposite side the remains of houses, now abandoned, which in the past were eating-places renowned for culinary specialties from Piedmont and river fish. Continue along the asphalt road and after about 1 km, if you want to take a break, head to Pizzarrosto where it is possible to enjoy some excellent specialities from Piedmont. Head towads Pezzana. After about 4 km, enter the built-up area and at the crossroads for Prarolo turn left and follow the indications for the Valgioia Farm (about 1,800 mt far), an agriturismo, which offers a restaurant and riding stables. Beyond the farm and after a brief straight stretch, the main dirt road goes to the right. Here you can decide if you would like to shorten your ride by following the less-travelled road to the left, otherwise follow along the main road. After 500 mt from the bend, turn left and follow the dirt road towards the Bellincontro Estate (tenuta), which also offers another riding stables. Follow along and after about 100 mt, beyond the bridge, turn right towards Caresana. Head for the town centre. It is possible to stop here for a while and get a coffee or an aperitif. Follow the indications and go past the schools for Pezzana. The road is now asphalted and goes along the Scarampa and Castelletto Cascine(farmsteads) and leads to Pezzana. Near the town's church, turn right and continue towards Prarolo (you will pass the same crossing where you turned for the Valgioia Farm). Go through Prarolo and near the castle, turn right towards Vercelli. Go back through the Cappuccini neighbourhood and back along the roads as before leading to Piazza Roma.