PCV 2: Scopello - Mera - Rassa - Scopello

PCV 2: Scopello - Mera - Rassa - Scopello

Tipologia Mtb

Starting point (m): 659

Destination (m): 659

Difference in altitude (m): positive 200; negative 1100

Riding time:about 3.5 hours


Recommended period: May through October

If you do not take the chairlift, calculate 10 km of continuously uphill riding from Scopello to Alpe di Mera. From the chairlift arrival point, go straight to the base of Monte Camparient, and then you will cross Alpe Mera to get to Colle d’Ovago, at the base of Monte Ometto. After reaching Alpe Meggiana, in the vicinity of Lago del Pizzo (Pizzo Lake), a majestic view of Monte Rosa will accompany you to Alpe Sorbella. Here, you will descend to Rassa and, after you get to the Ponte della Quare (bridge), you’ll be back on itinerary n. 1. From this point, you can decide to continue on towards Alagna or to go back to Scopello.