Bassa Valsesia

Bassa Valsesia

The area that leads from Gattinara to Varallo is often considered of marginal importance due to the assumption that the real destination is beyond, where all the outdoor activities, culture, food and wine of the famous Alta Valsesia are located. However, this is not true since this few kilometer-long stretch is full of history and traditions. It hides incredible natural beauty and small jewels of art and culture that will make you enjoy incredible glimpses of Valsesia.

Museums, churches, and the ruins of an ancient castle

In Bassa Valsesia there is a wide variety of museums to visit. In Borgosesia, thanks to the Carlo Conti Museum of Archeology and Paleontology, you can "travel back in time” to the prehistoric age, while the Ethnographic Museum of Valsesia Folklore will take you on a journey to discover the culture and traditions of Valsesia. Have you ever heard of a living museum town? Such a name could not be more apt for the lovely village of Guardabosone! There are three museums: the Museum of Ancient Crafts, Sacred Art, and the Museum of Natural History. In addition to the museums, this area is dotted with charming parish churches, sanctuaries, and churches, many of which host valuable artworks. Just to name a few: the ancient parish church of Santa Maria di Naula in Serravalle Sesia, the beautiful Church of San Giovanni al Monte in Quarona, and the splendid Sanctuary of Sant'Anna in Borgosesia. Near Serravalle Sesia there are also the fascinating ruins of the ancient Castle of Vintebbio, which has been standing there for more than a thousand years, almost as if it were a sentinel guarding the valley, a truly magical place from which to enjoy an incredible landscape overlooking the whole valley.

Nature, karst caves, and Neanderthal remains

Even if the environments of Monte Rosa and the Alta Valsesia Nature Park may seem more appealing, it is not difficult to find places in Bassa Valsesia where nature is lush, and the landscape can offer picture-perfect scenery. Monte Fenera is one of such extraordinary places, not only from a naturalistic point of view but also from a historical one. It rises as an imposing and isolated mountain near Borgosesia and Valduggia. The mountain, which is part of the Nature Park by the same name and is crossed by numerous trails, is rich in spectacular karst caves where ancient prehistoric remains were found and continue to be found, such as those of the Neanderthals. Other enchanting places in the low mountain areas blanketed with beech and chestnut woods are located in the wild Strona valley of Postua and among the small villages of Cellio con Breia and Civiasco from where one can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Orta and the Alps.

Sport and outdoor activities in Bassa Valsesia

There is no shortage of sports and outdoor activities in Bassa Valsesia. Mountain bike enthusiasts can explore the area by following some of the stops of the Valsesia Bike Trail and the more challenging itineraries that connect Valduggia, Cellio con Breia, Civiasco, and Varallo. There is a wide choice of itineraries and trails immersed in natural environments of great charm and oases of silence and peace for those who love walking and trekking. The best among them? The one that from Valduggia follows the Taragn trail, the ancient farmhouses typical of the Bassa Valsesia. How not to mention the Sesia River that offers enchanting views and the perfect setting to spend pleasant moments of relaxation in these areas.

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