The walls for rock climbing in Valsesia satisfy the requirements of all lovers of free climbing thanks to their variety, such as super-technical or vertical walls, roofs that test your strength, fissures and some overhangs, of differing grades of difficulty ranging from 4a to 8a.

The rocky formation of the cliffs in upper Valsesia is mainly granitoid gneiss, whilst on Monte Fenera limestone can be found, red porphyry in the neighbouring area of Gattinara and Serravalle and very clefted gneiss for hooks on the cliffs of Quarona.
The majority of the routes are well equipped and well protected, others are still being nailed.

Valsesia boasts more than 400 routes, the majority being single practice routes, although some are also multi pitch routes.

Situated in the most extraordinary and evocative surroundings such as the route at Castello (Rimasco), Profumo di donna (Mollia) and the Parete Calva (Rassa).