Among the Garzaie of Villarboit and Carisio

Among the Garzaie of Villarboit and Carisio

Tipologia Bicycle Touring

Departure: Villarboit

: Villarboit

: 37 km

Time required
: 3h-4h

Period advised
: spring and autumn


Useful Info:
Binoculars may be necessary to observe the many birds in the area; Approaching or entering the heron nesting areas, or disturbing the birds, is forbidden. A heavy-duty bicycle may be necessary for the rough tracks

In spring there is an itinerary which is all but magical: the submerged paddy fields create a unique and charming landscape dominated by the king of paddy fields, the heron, which abounds in the riverside nature reserve. In this season, it's easy to find them nesting in the treetops or in large colonies in search of a home in the few woods left on the plain.

Itinerary: starting from Villarboit Castle Square , it follows the road that leads to Formigliana, taking the first fork left and the second fork right. From Formigliana it crosses the state road that connects Vercelli and Biella and continues along the road for Casanova Elvo. Once in the town it turns right: proceeding along a dirt track, it comes to the former Cason Vecchio holiday farm where it follows the road for Vettigné, a complex of farmhouses with brick walls and towers, one of which was often nesting spot of the white stork. Continuing towards S. Germano it then turns towards Cascina Rometta and runs along a stretch of road coasted by the canal, until it comes to a fork where, turning right, it returns towards Casanova Elvo. At the beginning of the village it is possible to turn right to Busonengo and, once on the Vercelli-Biella state road, follow the stretch that leads to Formigliana or, alternatively, cycle straight down the dirt track to the banks of the Cervo torrent, and then proceed along the left bank (which isn't always easy) to the Formigiana-Balocco road. Then cycle back along the same route to Villarboit.