Other manufactures

Other manufactures

Less common but just as important and significant are some of the crafting techniques practised in the Valsesia and Vercelli districts.

Imitation marble , a truly unique decorative technique which survives in Rima, developed to contrast the lack and high cost of the natural material.

The crafting of soapstone which, like wood, was once used to make vases and crockery; today it takes innovative and imaginative forms such as pendants, toys, small houses. This material can be found in disused quarries in Valsesia, in areas such as Stofful, above Alagna. Only a couple of people continue this craft in Varallo and Alagna.

Then there is glass , used to create all kinds of unique objects: from small items, such as plates, ashtrays, incense trays, bracelets, pendants and prestigious lampshades, to fabulous artistic windows.

Wrought iron , which often transforms simple railings or gates into authentic works of art.

The construction and restoration of musical instruments also has solid bases in our territory; there are expert string instrument makers in Borgosesia and
Varallo, while Vercelli is famous for the production of some of the world's most prestigious accordions. "Coperfisa was established in 1921 as "Coopè Armoniche, from the cooperative union of craft shops which produced accordions. Despite the many difficulties experienced during and after the war, the most stubborn artisans survived the crisis and now hold consolidated positions on the foreign markets: France , Germany , Portugal and Brazil . On every instrument, the word " Vercelli is hand-engraved using pearls; the execution is artisan; the reeds are handcrafted and nailed onto leather or hinged to the reed stop and tuning is carried out by experts who often use electronic frequency meters. Traditional experience has found the modern dimension in which to propose unique sounds in a wide range of models.