Riva Valdobbia - Alpe Larecchio

Alpe Larecchio

Starting height (m.): 1381

Arrival height(m.): 1900

Difference(m.): 600

Mainly exposure: soth-west

Place of departure: Riva Valdobbia, Fr. S. Antonio

Time: 2 hours

Hut: Agriturismo Edelweiss – località Peccia

From Riva Valdobbia you reach the village of Ca 'di Janzo (1354 m), Val Vogna: here you leave the car and going through the small villages of Ca 'Piacenza, Ca' Morca and Ca 'Verno you arrive in S. Antonio (1381 m). From the self-titled hut depart a path which, with gentle ups and downs enters into the valley by means of a dirt road and along the groove of the stream Vogna (path n. 201). Going below the high fractions of Val Vogna, the road comes into Peccia (1531 m) where you will find the old and newly restored Oratory of St. Gratus. Apart from the small church, the Napoleon Bridge: masonry structure built by Napoleon's soldiers in 1800 (and later remade) that takes you through the clear waters of the river Solivo. Leaving the path to the left that leads to Maccagno Pass (2495 m), the path goes to the right, climbing for the first stretch to Alpe Montata, then, going into the woods until you arrive at the beautiful pastures of Larecchio (m 1895).