Mera - Pink trail

Starting altitude (m): 1521

Arrival altitude (m): 1627

Level difference (m): 106

Exposure: South-East

Starting point: Scopello - Alpe of Mera

Difficulty level:Easy, no critical point.

Duration: 50 minutes

Support sites: Hotel Sport Camparient, Restaurant La Capanna, Restaurant da Piero, Bar Boschetto, Bar Campo, Agriturismo La Casera Bianca.


The pink trail traces a ring starting from the Fountain of Mera​. Excursionists can reach Bar Boschetto ​by crossing an enchanting beechwood and then return to the fountain​. We recommend to proceed in anti-clockwise direction​, but one may take the more direct return track also on the first way. Right after departure, the trail climbs up on the upper path. Turn right and follow the trail up to crossing the Baita ski track​: do not cross it, instead enter the beechwood. The trail follows a zigzag pattern connecting to Bar Boschetto​. The return trail follows the "Boschetto​ski track. (Please remember that it is forbidden to climb the ski tracks with snowshoes!!!)