Alagna - Alpe Campo

Alpe Campo ( field mountain )


Departure (m): 1200

Arrival (m): 1923

Difference in altitude (m): 723

Time required:2 hours


Signpost: n. 209 (ex 9)

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

This alpeggio (pasture), situated in the main basin of Monte Tagliaferro (Mount Iron-cutter) and Cima Carnera (Carnera Summit), is located on the edge of a plateau, from which many small streams flow down from the head. Starting in Alagna, go pass the Church and continue in the direction of Wold, cross the third bridge on the right and go by the PedemonteVillage until the end of the road where you will find the Ronco Village. You will coast along the orographical stream and follow the n. 209 trail. Go into the broad-leafed woods, rich with vegetation, and pass the agglomerate Wittwosma baite (refuge). After about 30 minutes from when you started, you will go by the upper Wittwosma pascolo (pasture). The trail, which climbs with large step turns, offers panoramic glimpses, worth stopping for, of the Corni di Stofful ( Stofful Peak ), the Olen Valley , the Otro Valley , and all of the villages below, including the old gold mine. Passing by the Cascata del Rio Campo (waterfalls), you will enter into the stream's trough and leaving on the right, the trail heading to the Alpe Sattal (mt. 2097). The walk continues on the left, and after a short bit, you will reach Alpe Campo Inferiore and finally Alpe Campo Superiore for a total hike of about 2 hours. Among the small isolated houses of this old alpeggio (pasture), the subsection of the CAI of Alagna built a Capanna Sociale (Social Hut), always opened in the summer months (June to September) and at the weekends (in May and October).