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Exploring Val Sermenza: the natural treasures of Val Pitta.

In a small side valley of Valsesia called Val Pitta by the inhabitants, quiet mountain villages surrounded by unspoiled natural scenery give life to picture-perfect landscapes of rare beauty. With this itinerary, you can discover Val Sermenza, one of the lesser-known valleys of Valsesia, where time seems to stand still. A remarkable journey through charming villages, jewels of art, and natural treasures.

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1 The Super-volcano of Valsesia

One-of-a-kind, the super-volcano of Valsesia is an imposing fossil volcano, active 300 million years ago, of which today it is possible to admire incredible fossil outcrops. The super-volcano, which extends in the area between Balmuccia and Prato Sesia, is part of the"Sesia Val Grande" geo-park that since 2013 has been included by UNESCO among the sites of the "Unesco Global Geo-Park". The geological importance of this area is due to the formation processes of the Alps that warped the earth's crust and made the deepest parts of the Valsesian super-volcano emerge on the surface. One of the most interesting geosites to visit is Balmuccia, a well-known location for river sports, where it is possible to admire some of the best-preserved magma outcrops in the world.

2 Boccioleto

Overlooked by an imposing 92-meter-high rock called Torre delle Giavine, Boccioleto is one of the most popular locations in Valsesia for climbing sports. In addition to being a small paradise for climbers, the town and the surrounding villages are rich in buildings of great artistic and architectural value. Do not miss the opportunity to follow the art trail leading from Boccioleto to Alpe Seccio: a pleasant route immersed in nature where historical and artistic treasures of great value are hidden, such as ancient chapels, shrines, and frescoed oratories. Among the most enjoyable activities to experience in the village, we recommend a trip on the Solivo Express, a monorail train that from Boccioleto goes up to Alpe di Solivo.

3 Rimasco - Alto Sermenza

Located on the shore of a picturesque artificial lake where the Sermenza and Egua streams converge, Rimasco is a charming holiday village much appreciated by sport fishing enthusiasts. From the village, surrounded by charming hamlets, there several trails, including the excursion that leads to the Dorca village, a small and ancient settlement now uninhabited but that preserved intact the traditional houses of the Walser culture. From the village, reaching on foot or with a comfortable chairlift Alpe Campo, it is possible to take a ride on the fun bob of Rimasco, a sled fixed to a monorail that follows an exciting trail between steep slopes and green forests, one of the most famous and popular attractions in the valley.

4 Rima - Alto Sermenza

A Walser settlement and the highest inhabited location in Valsesia. Rima is a small village surrounded by a magnificent mountain amphitheater at the foot of Mount Tagliaferro. Here an ancient decorative art that in the nineteenth century made the inhabitants of Rima famous worldwide is still preserved, that of artificial marble. Attending one of the workshops held at the Museum of Artificial Marble of Rima, you can learn the secrets of this craft technique, in the past handed down exclusively from father to son. After a visit to the Pietro della Vedova Gallery that houses more than two hundred works by the Valsesian artist, a pleasant excursion to the beautiful Rima basin is a must, following one of the many itineraries that run through the Alta Valsesia Nature Park.

5 Carcoforo

Awarded as "Italy's Ideal Village" in 1991, Carcoforo is an enchanting village located in Val d'Egua. This small valley is separated from Val Sermenza and the fairy-tale landscape surrounding the village, located in one of the most beautiful basins of larch and fir trees in Valsesia, makes Carcoforo one of the most picturesque centers of the whole Alpine range. A large part of the municipal area is part of theAlta Valsesia Nature Park, and in the village, to learn more about the flora and fauna that populate the Park, you can visit the Natural History Museum. Carcoforo is the ideal starting point for some beautiful excursions that reach the nearby valleys along the trails that lead to Colle della Bottigia, Colle d'Egua and Colle del Termo.

6 Alta Valsesia Nature Park

The Park, considered the highest protected area in Europe, offers unique landscapes and environments of great natural beauty, from beech and larch forests up to Monte Rosa, one of the highest peaks in Europe. In addition to natural beauty, the Alpine Park offers many traces of the ancient populations that colonized these valleys, especially theWalser people. Walking on the many trails within the protected area, you will be amazed by the beauty of glaciers, moraines, waterfalls, and gorges before your eyes. The territory of the Alta Valsesia Nature Park extends beyond Val Sermenza to the municipalities of Alagna, Fobello and Rimella.

A trekking experience not to be missed:

The Art Trail: Boccioleto - Alpe Seccio- From Boccioleto follow trail No. 387 towards Alpe Seccio.

Itineraries in the park: loop of the alpine pastures of Rima - From Rima follow the trail to Alpe Lanciole, then Alpe Lavazei, Alpe Brusiccia, Alpe Vallezoo, and Alpe Vallé.

Carcoforo - Colle Bottigia - From Carcoforo follow trail No. 113 towards Massero mountain hut.

How to reach Val Sermenza

From Varallo: take the SP1 299 provincial road "Strada della Valsesia" towards Crescentino. From Balmuccia take the SP 10 provincial road towards Rimasco. To reach Carcoforo from Rimasco take the SP 124 provincial road.

From Milan and Turin: from the A4 take the A26 junction in Biandrate, towards Gravellona Toce and exit at the Romagnano S.- Ghemme highway tollbooth. From the highway tollbooth take the SP299 "Strada della Valsesia" provincial road towards Varallo-Alagna. From Balmuccia take the SP 10 provincial road towards Rimasco. To reach Carcoforo from Rimasco take the SP 124 provincial road.

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