Alagna – Bocchetta della Moanda – Rima San Giuseppe

Alagna – Bocchetta della Moanda – Rima San Giuseppe


Departure (m): 1200

Arrival (m): 2422

Difference in altitude (m): 1222

Difference in altitude downhill (m): 1309

Time required: 5 hours

Difficult: medium

Signpost: n. 209/320 (ex 9)

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Path no. 209 starts from Frazione Rocco di Alagna (m 1254) and, at the very beginning, it runs along the left orographic bank of the river Sesia. Enter a rich broad-leafed forest, that sometimes opens up offering stunning glimpses of the mountain pastures in the area. It takes approximately 1.30 – 2 hrs to get to Alpe Campo (m 1923) where an artificial lake and the Capanna sociale (lodge) of Cai Varallo allow you to get some relief before starting off again. The route carries on across the plateau towards the slope of the south-west side of the Tagliaferro and then past the numerous rivulets that feed the lake; it will take you another 1.30 hrs along a zigzagged path to get to the Bocchetta della Moanda (m 2422). Here starts an easy descent along trail sign no. 320 which, alternating open sky to wooded areas, leads to the several mountain pastures up to Rima San Giuseppe (m 1113) in around 1.30 – 2 hours.