Across the green and blue of the Lame del Sesia

Across the green and blue of the Lame del Sesia

Tipologia Bicycle Touring

Departure: Albano Vercellese

Arrival: Albano Vercellese

Length: 16 km

Time required: 2h

Period advised: spring and autumn

Difficulty: easy

Useful Info: the route doesn't require the use of a mountain bike. Binoculars may be necessary to observe the many birds in the area. Areas with services and self-guided tours are available
A true nature lover cannot forgo a cycling trip around the Lame del Sesia Natural Park: this is the best opportunity to get to know rare species of tree and a decidedly rich fluvial avifauna. The oasis occupies 950 hectares and is named after the mirrors of marshy waters generated by the River Sesia which form the perfect habitat for kingfishers, wild ducks and herons. The latter are particularly numerous on the Island of Oldenico , one of the largest Italian heron colonies.

Itinerary: This route is designed to immerse oneself completely in nature: the park has a number of protected accessorised areas in which to stop and rest and listen to the sounds of nature. Starting from Albano cycle along the dirt track which leads towards the river and at the top of the dyke turn right: after a couple of kilometers the section of embankment runs along the Sesia River until the point where the river rejoins the Cervo Torrent. In the final stretch of this route it is possible to admire the Island of Oldenico , set right in the middle of the river and colonised by herons. Heading back towards Albano and turning at the first fork on the right and the second on the left, one heads towards Greggio. In this section, you can see and hear the birds without any disturbances. There is also a fitness circuit and a self-guided botanical trail. It is possible to return along the same itinerary of choose the provincial road that links Greggio with Albano . At the offices of the Parco ad Albano, there is an ornithological museum which can be visited on prior appointment.