The Ecomuseum of the Sesia Valley, established in 1999, aims to promote the territory as a whole by protecting the historical memory and the expression of material culture, emphasizing the way in which human activities have characterized the formation and evolution of the landscape. For this reason the ecomuseum is something more than a sequence of rooms to walk through and admire works of art, rare minerals or antique weapons: it is the most authentic and effective way to tell the life, customs and society of a people and the link between man and his territory. The ecomuseum isn't built by choosing "rare items" and arranging them in a beautiful building hundreds of kilometres from their place of origin; it is created by identifying something to be protected in a particular area, such as a way of cultivating the land or producing wool, bread or rice, and without moving even a hair. Work is carried out to exploit the buildings and traditional work tools locally, in the area where they were developed and used, possibly for centuries.

In province of Vercelli there are two Ecomuseums:

1-Valsesia Ecomuseum, which includes two sections:

2- Ecomuseum of the lands of Water