Typical Gastronomy Local Wines Gattinara’s Wine Cellar Rice Recipes Ours is a land of great altitudes: from the top of the Monte Rosa to the bell towers of the Sant' Andrea Church to the elevated prestige of our wines, coming from the vineyards in the hills of Gattinara and from the dedication of people who for centuries have been growing-grapes.

They are DOC and DOCG wines with an intense scent and with a balanced and velvety flavour that have often obtained the highest international recognition.

And also the flavours are of a high standard. A simple cuisine, yes, but the secular peasant creativity and the nutritious base of genuine ingredients and marked taste can be counted on: from the Valsesian toma cheeses, to the beans, to the traditional cured meats, to the frogs, and all are ready to be accompanied by rice, principal product of the Vercelli province.

In short, a wine/gastronomical tradition which knows the facts and is waiting to offer you an unforgettable vacation in the Vercelli province.