Magna Charta

To mark the 800th anniversary of the foundation of Basilica of S. Andrea in Vercelli, our town awaits with a full list of interesting events:

Magna Charta: Guala Bicchieri and his legacy. Tracing back Europe in the town of Vercelli during the XIII century

A great exhibition dedicated to the Magna Charta Libertatum, one of the most important documents in history, still viewed as a primary source of inspiration for the modern human rights laws. This will be the first time Magna Carta is exhibited in Italy.This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the public to get to know the history beyond this rare document, its importance in the development of democracy and the link between Magna Charta, the town of Vercelli and cardinal Guala Bicchieri.

The exhibition will extend beyond the main display at ARCA to create a shared experience for the public along with the city museums: Borgogna Museum, Leone Museum, Museum of Tesoro del Duomo e State Archives of Vercelli.

Exhibition grounds: Arca – former Church of San Marco

When: March 23rd 2019 – June 9th 2019

Times: Tue to Sun 10AM to 7PM

Admission: € 5,00


Group reservation and guided tours: ATL – Call. +39.335.7096337 – E-Mail

School group reservation: Call +39.0161.51650, +39.348.3272584 – E-Mail

The "Beautiful Sant’Andrea" of Vercelli: through Museum Borgogna’s pictures

A video displaying a selection of 106 special glass panes collected from the photographic archives of the Museum. They all portray our most famous landmark, Basilica of S. Andrea, and were carefully restored and digitized by the Alinari Brothers' Photographic company, based in Florence.

Exhibition grounds: Borgogna Museum – Via Antonio Borgogna 4

When: March 23rd 2019 – June 9th 2019

Times: Tue to Fri 3PM to 6PM / Sat 2PM to 6PM / Sun 10AM to 12.30PM and 2PM to 6PM

Easter, Easter Monday: 10AM to 12.30PM and 2PM to 6PM

April 25th and May 1st: 3PM to 6PM

Admission: € 5,00


ticket office: call. +39.0161.252776; management: call. +39.0161.211338; education branch: call. +39.0161.252764,

Basilica of S. Andrea: through the drawings of Carlo Emanuele and Edoardo Arborio Mella and Guala Bicchieri’s traveling chest of Leone Museum

On display are the watercolour tables depicting the Abbey of S. Andrea, completed by Carlo Emanuele Arborio Mella and his son Edoardo during the XIX century restoration of the Abbey, and the traveling chest, smaller than the "scrinium cardinalis” of Turin, , which Guala Bicchieri donated to S.Andrea’s abbot Tommaso Gallo in 1224.

Exhibition grounds: Leone Museum – Via Verdi 30

When: March 23rd 2019 – June 9th 2019

Times: Tue to Fri 3PM to 5.30PM / Sat and Sun 10AM to 12PM and 3PM to 6PM

Easter holiday, April 25th, May 1st: open

Easter Monday: closed

Admission: € 5,00


call. +39. 0161.253204, +39.348.3272584


Vercelli’s globe and the donations of canons during the XIII century

A series of evidences showing the great importance of Eusebius’ studium during the contruction period of the Abbey of S. Andrea. Ranging from ancient reliquaries to the codes of the Chapter Library of Vercelli, a whole portray of spontaneous donations made by canons belonging to the cathedral of S. Eusebius.

Exhibition grounds: Museum of Tesoro del Duomo – Piazza D’Angennes 5

When: March 23rd 2019 – June 9th 2019

Times: Tue to Sun 3PM to 6PM / Sat 10AM to 12PM and 3PM to 6PM

Closed on Mondays and public holidays

Admission: 5,00


Call. +39.0161.51650,

Ego Guala presbiter cardinalis erede instituo. Fragments and perspectives of a legacy to rediscover

Documentary exhibition of the historical events strictly connected to the foundation of the Abbey and its early years.

Exhibition grounds: State Archives – Via Manzoni 15/17

When: March 23rd 2019 – April 19th 2019

Times: Mon to Fri 9.30AM to 3.30PM

Sun 24/03, Sat 30/03, 06/04, 13/04: 2PM to 6PM

Admission: Free entry.


Guided tours must be booked in advance. Call. +39.0161.259595